Vacuum Filter Spares- Rotary Screen, Decking Plates, Float/Regulating Valves, Worm etc.

After being in the Sugar Industry for more than three decades now, we have been able to develop our base to include all spares used in the Vacuum Filter.

The spares normally dealt by us are RVF (Rotary Vacuum Filter) Screens, SS Decking Plates, PP Decking Plates, Nipples, Spray Nozzles, Float Valves, Vacuum Regulating Valves, Brass Auto Valves, Worm/ Worm Wheel, Strips (to fit screens), Channels (to fit plates), Vacuum Hose Pipes, Junction Box, Tension Sieves etc.

  • RVF (Rotary Vacuum Filter) Screens – We supply a wide range of Stainless Steel rotary vacuum filter screens in Round hole. For more details, please click
  • SS Decking Plates (Corrugated Plates) – We supply a wide range of Stainless Steel Decking Plates which is one of the spare parts of vacuum mud filter.
  • PP Decking Plates or Grills – These are made of Polypropylene material. These are available in 12” X 12”, 12” X 18”.
  • Nipples/ Spary Nozzles (or Wash Nozzles) – We make available all types of sugar wash/ spray nozzles in all metal finished and in various shapes. These are used for sugar wash & filtrate cake of Vacuum Filter. The details are discussed separately under Spray Nozzles product head.
  • Float/ Vacuum Regulating/ Brass Auto Valves – We make available float valves in 3-5 Inch. These are used in vacuum filter’s filtrate receiver. Further, regulating valves are used to regulate the vacuum.
  • Worm/ Worm Wheel – Worm & Worm wheels are used to reduce the rational speed. These wheels are used like the screws that help in transmitting higher torque. They are extensively used for vacuum mud filter drive for sugar mills. We make available these products acceptable for their durability, compactness and high performance.
  • Water Cooling Spray and Pond System, Multi-Jet Condenser Nozzles, Lubricating Spares etc.

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