Sugar Machinery Equipments

We are in tie-up with suppliers and manufacturers who can supply various sugar machinery equipments. We act as a mediator between the parties in negotiating the best possible price and offering the best terms of sale.

We don’t sell or install these equipments directly on our account due to its nature and requirement for after sales-service but rather help the overseas customers in procuring the equipment or consultancy at the best competitive price and favorable terms by acting as your representative. We help in scouting for the best and trusted supplier of equipments and after-sales services.

THE RANGE OF EQUIPMENT INCLUDES (Click on each item below)-


– Chain & Screw Conveyors

– Cane Chopper

– Complete Mill with Drives (TRPF)

– Hammer Fibrizor

– Cane Feeding Tables

– Industrial insulation and Refractories

– Apron Feeders

– Swing Knife Cane Cutter

– Juice Heaters

– Rotary Drum Vacuum Filters

– Vacuum Pans (Continuous/ Low Head)

– Heat Exchangers– Wet Scrubbers, Pre-Dust Collectors

– Pressure Feeders

– Lime Classifier

– Filtrate Clarification System

– ….. Many More

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