Juice Clarifier Spares

A clarifier is used to separate out the solids suspended in the cane juice. These solids originate from sand adhering to the cane stalks as well as from material inherent in the cane stalk. The separation takes place by allowing the solid particles to settle out onto a tray. The solids are swept from the tray into a mud compartment, from which it is pumped to filters for de-sweetening and de-watering. We have been able to develop our base to include all spares used in the Juice Clarifier Filter.

  • Drive Head – Drive Head unit is used for driving of center shaft of juice Clarifier.
  • Split Closure Ring – These are used for juice & mud boxes telescopic valve.
  • Mud Sealing – These rings are used to seal the mud form mud booth in each compartment.
  • Further, we can make available Juice Clarifier Center Tube, Telescopic Valve Assembly etc..

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