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Dinco Overseas - PrOTM is one of the major in the Product Outsourcing space of Machinery and Stores Consumables items. This is a one shop-solution for all your spare requirements (primarily Machine Spare Parts) where you can forward your product query to us for us to source and deliver. We are ISO 9001:2008.


Industrial Filters- Filter Cartridges, Housings & Elements

We offer complete filtration technology solutions for various filtration requirements of air, gas & liquid to all industries like Oil & Gas, Petrochemicals, Pharmaceuticals, Steel & Power, Cement, Formulations, Fertilizers, Textile, Paints & Inks, Chemicals, Mines & Mineral, Electronics, Water Treatment, & many others.


- Cartridge Filter Housing - Cartridge filter system offers wide range of flow capacities & contaminant holding capacities. Cartridge filter housing diameters can accommodate around 1 to 500 cartridges.

- PVC Cartridge Filter Housing - PVC Filter Housings combine design simplicity with high filtering quality. PVC Filter Housings offers wide range of flow capacities & contaminant holding capacities.

- Catalyst recovery Systems or Grills – Catalyst recovery systems are normally used to recover the precious catalyst where in system required to recover fine particles of catalyst [such as platinum, palladium, rhenium and rhodium, Raney nickel, rhodenium] after it is used.

- Basket Filter & Strainers – Basket filters & strainers will permit the straining & filtering of a wide variety of fluids, to retain solids of almost any size. All baskets are easily removable & cleanable.

- Auto Backwash Filters – Auto Back wash type self-cleaning filter is constructed of filter housings, filter elements, drain valve, auto back wash valve and PLC controller.

- Disc Type Filters – Disc type self-cleaning filter is constructed of filter housings, filter elements, and drain valve. It also has a pneumatic cylinder and timer-based drain valve.

- Bag Filter Housing – Bag filter system is designed for optimum filtration performance. Its range provides filtration solution for a broad variety of fluid applications in the process industry.

- PVC Bag Filter Housing – PVC bag filter housings provide an economical alternative to stainless steel. Bag filter systems are designed for high flow rates and high sediment holding capacity.

- FRP / GRP Filter Housing – FRP / GRP Filter Housing is corrosion resistant Fiber Reinforced Plastic (FRP) Filter housing to meet the demanding needs of industry.

- Hygienic Filter Housing – Hygienic filter housing is manufactured from 316 stainless steel of the highest quality. These are suitable for a variety of liquid filtration applications designed to fit standard 222 O' Rings & 226 O' Ring cartridges.

- Scrapper Mechanism Filters – Scrapper mechanism type self-cleaning filter is constructed of filter housings, filter elements, drain valve, and PLC controller.

- Auto Backflush Filters – Self cleaning filter is constructed of filter housing, filter element, back flushing valve, differential pressure gauge, differential pressure switch, Dust Extraction assembly.


- Spun Bunded Filter Cartridges - Spun bonded filter cartridges are made of 100% polypropylene fibers. The fibers have been carefully spun together to form a true gradient density from outer to inner surface.

- Wounded Filter Cartridges - Wound filter cartridges are designed to meet the most demanding filtration duties. They offer an economic, compact, easily installed and maintained filtration system.

- Polypropylene Pleated (PP) Cartridges - Polypropylene filter cartridges are precisely manufactured for use in critical filtration applications within food, pharmaceuticals, biotech, dairy, beverages & other industries.

- PTFE (Poly Tetra Fluoro Ethylene) Filter Cartridges - PTFE Filter Cartridges are made of poly tetrafluroethylene. PTFE are characterized by high chemical inertness. These are specifically designed for sterile filtration applications of air & gas Streams.

- PES (Poly Ether Sulphone) Filter Cartridges - PES Filter Cartridges are made of poly etherSulphone with uniform pore distribution to ensure maximum performance in bacterial retentions.

- Sintered Filter Cartridges - Sintering is a process for making articles from its base material in powder. They are made by mixing elemental or alloy powders and compacting the mixture in a dye.

- Stainless Steel Cartridges - Stainless steel filter cartridges are designed to overcome the temperature and chemical compatibility limitations of fabric or synthetic fiber media.

- Resin Bonded Filter Cartridges - RB (Resin-Bonded) Cartridge is produced from cellulose fibers, which have been intrinsically bonded together by a melamine resin, to create a solid highly durable & porous structure.

- Carbon Filter Cartridge - Carbon block cartridges are designed for high effective filtration of water for certain VOC’S, pesticides, chlorine, odor & test, sediment reduction down to 5 micron.

- Oil Absorbing Filter Cartridges - Oil adsorption filter cartridges have been specifically developed and manufactured for the high efficiency removal of dissolved & dispersed oils from water within the Oil & Gas production industries.

- Jumbo Pleated Cartridges - Jumbo pleated cartridges are made up of of pleated polyester filter media with Polypropylene core inside and moulded end caps. Filter cartridges are designed for high flow rate and low pressure drop, due to its high filtration area. It is very popular for RO pre filtration & Pool water filtration applications.

- PP Pleated and Glass Fiber Cartridges - PP Pleated and glass fiber cartridges are designed for higher filtration area & high throughput .It has 6 inch/152mm large diameter, and is coreless, single open-ended structure with an inside to outside flow pattern. Due to its large diameter with big filter area, it requires lesser elements for a given flow rate than standard cartridges diameter, due to lesser elements Filter vessels ‘s size workout smaller, resulting in lower capital Investment and installation costs, as well as reduced operating costs.

- Filter Bags Liquid - Filter bags are manufactured for optimum filtration performance. They are made from carefully selected media, according to the specifications of the process industry.


- Pulse Jet Dust Collection Systems - Dust Collection system for various Industries requirement for air quality improvement and enhancing the quality of air released by collecting.

- Pleated Dust Collection Bags - Pleated dust collection bags are now widely used in the field of dust collection system. These are made of 100% polyester media with different coatings on it, as per requirement of applications.

- Pleated Dust Collection Cartridges - Pleated dust collection cartridges are made of 100% polyester media, like pleated dust collection bags media with different coatings on it , as per requirement of applications.

- Pleated Nomex Media Bags - Pleated Nomex bags are the latest Innovation for high Temp. upto 220°C. Pleated Nomex bags are now widely used in the field of dust collection system for high temperature application.

- Air Intake Filter Systems - Turbines, Engines, Centrifugal Fans, Blowers & Compressors are common equipment for Industrial utility. They intake atmospheric air for its further operations.

Dust Collection Non-Woven Bags - These bags are placed in dust collector with supporting filter cages. Contaminated air takes path of outside to inside filtration. All solid contaminants get deposited at outer surface & clean air / gas passes through top chamber.

- Sintered Multilayer Wiremesh - Sintered multilayer wire mesh bags are designed for high temp Application of Industries. It can be used for high temperature up to 480°C. It has one standard combination of 5 Layers Sintered wire mesh made from stainless steel which is brought together through vacuum sinter, compression and rolling and made into a kind of porous material.

- Gas Turbine Air Intake Filter - Gas turbine air intake filter cartridges for gas turbines are modern and reliable. They ensure high efficient filtration of dust and other contaminates even in the most polluted environments.

- Pocket Filter - Pocket filter are made of non woven synthetic, fiber media to ensure retention of solid particles up to stipulated micron rating.

- Panel/HEFA Filter - Panel filters are used in industries to retain particles range from 1 micron to 50 micron. These filters are basically air intake filters which is working with negative pressure of systems.



- Hydraulic & Lube Oil Filters - Hydraulic filters are used in demanding applications of filtration of oil at any operating conditions. Irrespective of operating conditions like high pressure, low pressure, highly viscous oil, or highly contaminated oil, we have best adequate solution for these applications. We have filters which can remove moisture contents from oil.


- Compressor Filters - Air Filter, Oil Filter, Air Oil Separator, Retrofit equivalent to Atlas Copco, IR, ELGI, Kirloskar, KG Khosla etc.

- Compressed Air Filters - Compressed air is a very common source of energy. For effective utilization of compressed air, it has to be clean. We offer a range of compressed air filters for removal of dirt, dust, rust, condensates, moisture contents, oil impurities & exhaust fumes.


- Gas Filters - We offer a range of gas filtration systems for removal of dirt, dust, rust, condensates, moisture contents, oil impurities & exhaust fumes. Filtered gas results low down time & reduces the production loss.

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