A Product Outsourcing Unit (PrO)TM
Meeting your Requirements

Dinco Overseas - PrOTM is one of the major in the Product Outsourcing space of Machinery and Stores Consumables items. This is a one shop-solution for all your spare requirements (primarily Machine Spare Parts) where you can forward your product query to us for us to source and deliver. We are ISO 9001:2008.



This stage is the product executing stage and forms the basis of operational concept of PrO. This is where the processing starts for making the product actually available.

E - Evaluation of our offer & terms

This requires evaluation of our offer and terms by your purchasing team. This is like a normal evaluation as is actually done when offers from various suppliers are compared. The evaluation can be done either by comparing our offer with other suppliers or previous available data etc.

This evaluation is suggested in our initial engagement for a product item with you. For a continuing engagement (in relation to a product item), we recommend such evaluation to be done randomly at times so that you are able to build upon the trust besides it would make us feel your significance.

If during evaluation, there are some queries or clarifications that may be communicated to us through email/phone/fax. Further, the offer is also open to negotiation if there are scopes of price revision.

R - Releasing of Order if rates and terms favorable

On basis of offer evaluation or as part of continuing engagements, if the rates and terms are favorable, you release order to us for its execution. The Order is preferably sent on email or by fax or post. Verbal communication for the order release is non-binding on either party.

The order is required to be released in its original form as the offer. If there are any alterations, such are non-binding till it is being accepted by us.

P - Processing Order as per terms

This is the last stage and mainly pertains to order processing. The order is processed in accordance with the terms and material is dispatched at the desired place as per the delivery schedule. The payment is made as per the terms of the order.

If any certification or else is required, the same needs to be communicated so that it may be arranged and sent timely.