A Product Outsourcing Unit (PrO)TM
Meeting your Requirements

Dinco Overseas - PrOTM is one of the major in the Product Outsourcing space of Machinery and Stores Consumables items. This is a one shop-solution for all your spare requirements (primarily Machine Spare Parts) where you can forward your product query to us for us to source and deliver. We are ISO 9001:2008.



This stage is the product sourcing stage and forms the basis of PrO business concept. This is where the PrO’s concept actually takes off- Product Initiation By U & Product Sourcing By Us.

P - Receiving your Product requirement

The first step starts with receiving request for any product. Any manufacturer/ trader in any industry can contact us for any Machinery Spare part requirement even if the same is not in our current product portfolio. The existing customer can continue sending us requirement for all Machinery Spare Part item. You can also visit our website for list of current Products in our Portfolio. Click for current Product Portfolio

The requirement may be sent in the form of detail specifications & sizes (including any Brand make if so desired) supported by picture or drawing or sample, if any. The requirement may also be sent in form of a Code No. or a Model No. with corresponding make or brand, where a product of a desired make or brand is required.

This step is initiated by any manufacturers/ traders who are willing to deal with us for any of their product requirement.

Another way to receive is that you send us all your product items (much like a Tender) to us with some specification and also the price range within which the same is purchased currently. This would help us to scout for suppliers below that price range and submit a bulk offer.

R - Researching for best suppliers (with quality accreditation and competitive rates)

For any product item, we start research process of scouting for best suppliers in that product category. The research is done through a mix of various measures we undertake to appraise our standard norms of supplier selection. Research process includes website information, internet research, personal visits, accreditation (registration, quality etc.), word of mouth, referrals, experience in industry, product knowledge, reliability aspect etc.

For any product item or category, we make sure that we have at least three trusted and best suppliers who can offer us best/ competitive rates and terms. Over a period of time and after dealing with them for long, we establish them as our registered supplier and are able to strike a best deal in rates and delivery for your future requirements of that product.

Currently, we have established tie-ups with many trusted suppliers for various product items. Some of them have now become our registered suppliers to meet our requirement of the concerned product.

After having received your inquiry, we contact our registered or trusted suppliers (if any) about the inquired product to get the best deal in price and delivery. If there are none, we follow our research process as detailed above to bring few suppliers in that product category and further add this to our supplier list.

O - Offering best rates with all terms (Payment, Delivery etc.)

After having established our trusted suppliers and contacting our registered supplier for the product, we try to strike the best deal in pricing, delivery and other terms. Based on that, we make an offer to you much like as a normal trader.

During our making of the offer, we might require some clarifications or details that we would forward you for an expected reply. These clarifications or details might be in form of a drawing of the required product or available sample or picture or more detail specification to make the product interpretation on same line as what you are looking for. This would help us to locate for same product as have been looked for. The need for such things arises on case basis and would depend on the requirement we receive from you. This is mostly faced when the requirement is incomplete by itself and thus needs to be supported by more details in terms of picture or drawing or specifications.

All the above would help us in making you the best offer.