A Product Outsourcing Unit (PrO)TM
Meeting your Requirements

Dinco Overseas - PrOTM is one of the major in the Product Outsourcing space of Machinery and Stores Consumables items. This is a one shop-solution for all your spare requirements (primarily Machine Spare Parts) where you can forward your product query to us for us to source and deliver. We are ISO 9001:2008.


Business Concept

Conceptually, Product Outsourcing Unit (PrO) is similar to the concept of Business Product Outsourcing (BPO). The BPO primarily looks from service angle whereas PrO primarily looks from product angle. Operationally, PrO is entirely a transaction based concept similar to any normal sale and purchase transaction.

PrO is a one shop-solution for your entire machinery spare parts requirement. It is like outsourcing all your store consumables item requirements to us so that you can focus on core material procurement (Raw Materials, Plant Equipments, Tooling, Packing Materials etc).

We would scout for best suppliers and offer you best rates & terms based on our existing or new tie-ups. If our rates and terms are favorable, you release order to us and we execute order as your normal vendor.

PrO’s operation is based on concept of PrO-ErP that works in two stages.

PrO (Stage I)

Receiving your Product requirement
esearching for best suppliers (with quality accreditation and competitive rates)
ffering best rates with all terms (Payment, Delivery etc.)

ErP (Stage II)

Evaluation of our offer & terms
eleasing of Order if rates and terms favorable
rocessing Order as per terms


Please click Stage 1 and Stage 2 for more details.